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Thank you for visiting 1099-Etc.com. I'm Tom Douglass, President of Advanced Micro Solutions, Inc.
I started the company that became Advanced Micro Solutions in 1985.  Back then, personal computers were common but very limited compared to what we have today. DOS (remember DOS?) was the operating system used by most businesses.  The application software was often difficult and counterintuitive.  Printers were slow and laser printers were expensive.

Our goal at AMS has always been to produce the best software product at a competitive price and provide the best support.  We have constantly improved and expanded our product and have kept our prices low relative to the competition and, I am proud to say, we have the best customer support in the industry.  During the busy months of January and April we are here from 8am to 7pm CT weekdays and 10am to 4pm on Saturday.  We are completely customer driven.

We develop our product using a fast built-in database that does not require a special installation.  Our product is written using state-of-the-art software tools.  The software generates file-able federal and state forms.

We work closely with the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and all state agencies. We support all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico.  We provide paper filing for all states and e-filing for most.  We support e-filing to the SSA and IRS in two different ways:  One-time pricing or per-form pricing.

We provide, through our business alliance with Nelco, paper products like W-2/1099 forms, other government forms, blank form stock, and blank or pre-printed check stock.

I hope our software is exactly what you are looking for. If you have any questions, comments, or criticism you'd like to share, please e-mail our Director of Support, kyle@1099-etc.com.

Thanks again,

Tom Douglass

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    (405) 340-0697
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    (800) 519-1174

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Nelco, When Company Counts

AMS recommends Nelco for all your laser tax form needs.

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