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A big reason I continue to order your product, (besides the fact that it is good!) is how nice your people are when I call for help.

J.M.H. of Beaumont, TX

Thanks for keeping the program consistent year to year, for keeping it simple and fast to operate. I can easily transfer files when doing work at home.

B.G. of Louisville, KY

We have used your product for many, many years. Would recommend to anyone.

A.S. of Rockford, MN


I.G. of Verona, NJ


D.M. of Aliquippa, PA

I love you guys! You really came through for us with the ACA filer!

C.B. of Cooperstown, NY

We have used this program since before I had gray hair. We love using the program as it makes our job easier. Plus, your tech support people are super !!

W.R of LaFayette, LA

Thanks for the very helpful customer service!

L.W. of Phoenix, AZ

Best payroll software I have ever used. Very "user friendly"!

S.M. of Beaver, OK

This is consistently a terrific program.

R.B of Bronx, N.Y.

Great software program! Please keep up with the good work. Thank you AMS.

K.S. of Middle Village, NY

Love this software. It make my job easier.

D.G. of Baltimore, MD

This is just the best program ever. I have been using it for 19 years. If I ever have a question, tech support has been quick to respond. I appreciate how easy it is to load the program and complete this annual task 🙂 Thank you

M.H. of Springfield, OR

Best 1099 Package on the market, I come back every year! Thanks.

S.R. of Burr Ridge, Il

This program has been the most stable tool that I use at each year end. It has not previously suffered from the dreaded feature creep that has made almost every other program in my workstation a hair pulling nightmare at update time. Quick books needs to rethink their name which at this point has become an oxymoron. Thanks for all the years of publishing such a straight forward, working, simple and effective tool. 10 stars!!

S.P. of Port Angeles, WA

“You have an excellent product and excellent support! I am a long time happy customer and I look forward to continuing for many years to come.”

B.L. of Great Neck, NY

“The program is easy and very flexible. Our treasurer was right when she recommended it. Her CPA firm makes heavy use of it and we are lucky to have adopted it. It’s easy to teach others.”

L.T. of Niagara Falls, NY

“Great, simple, inexpensive payroll program which has taken the hassle out of processing client payroll.”

L.B. of Gooding, ID

“1099-etc is the best payroll program I’ve worked with throughout my fifteen-year career in payroll. I’m now an independent contractor and have bought exclusively from Advanced Micro Solutions for the past five years. I will continue to purchase and trust AMS for the quality of their product.”

P.T. of Dansville, NY

“I have been using your product as far back as to when it was a DOS based product. I tried other ATF payroll products, none can compare. 1099etc is simply a cut above the rest. In addition, your prices are reasonable and your “Tech Support” is fantastic.”

D.R. of Northport, NY

“I have used AMS for many years. AMS is a good software package and has improved each year.”

D.A. of Mansfield, OH

“I think this is the best payroll program on the market. Your team does a great job. I recommend it to everyone who needs a payroll program. Good job and keep up the good work.”

P.S. of San Angelo, TX

“Great product, service, and technical support. You’re the best. Thank you so much.”

D.P. of Pittsburgh, PA

“Love the software, been with you since 1990. Great customer care, excellent product and service.”

R.C. of Bellevue, WA

“Excellent program, it does all the payroll things I need for a small tax practice.”

T.R. of Killeen, TX

“Thank you for such a useful program year after year. The continual improvements are great!”

F.W. of Sarasota, FL

“Great technical support! We really appreciate your being available on the phone to help with our questions.”

R.H. of Quarryville, PA

“This is a very easy program to use and it answers all my needs to operate a small payroll business.”

K.F. of Tallahassee, FL

“Best after the fact payroll program on the market today. It has been so since I started using it in 1986.”

E.L. of New York, NY

“Thank you, I have enjoyed your products from the very first use. Your software evolution is simply sensational, keep up the success. It makes my job very simple.”

D.H. of Colorado springs, CO

“Keep up the good work. I really love this program. I looked at over a dozen before I found AMS and I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good payroll program.”

S.B. of Bolingbrook, IL

“We love this program. It is soooo easy to use and very accurate. Thank you very much.”

J.B. of San Diego, CA

“We have been using the ATF product since 1996 to manage in excess of 150
client payroll accounts. We have found the ATF product to be consistently an excellent quality product with stellar support! Keep up the great work people! Thanks!”

C.B. of Phoenix, AZ

“I have used payroll programs that come with accounting software, but this is the best and the easiest to use.”

S.J. of Lubbock, TX

“Thank you! I really appreciate your program for processing quarterly tax returns and reports.”

J.K. of Carmel, CA

“The program is wonderful and I recommend it to anyone who is in need of a payroll program.”

G.W. of Amherst, TX

“You have the nicest people working for you. They are so helpful & nice. I really appreciate them.”

K.E. of North Platte, NE

“We’ve been using the 1099-Etc program for several years and have been really pleased with it.”

A.P. of Wyomissing, PA

“I love the program! It is very user-friendly and doesn’t require a genius to use it. Keep your good work coming.”

E.C. of Burlington Junction, MO

“I think your product and your staff are fantastic. I have never called or emailed that I didn’t get a prompt, courtesy response with the answer!”

M.P. of Monticello, GA

“I have used this program for a long time and have been very happy with it. Thank you for doing a great job.”

D.C. of Ashland, OH

“I have been using this program for years and it is so easy to use and if I should have questions the support is amazing!”

J.P. of Howard Beach, NY

“I love your product and the support I get from your team. This is the best software I use.”

S.G. of Lake Success, NY

“Keep up the good work. I love that I can very quickly get an answer to my questions as everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful.”

T.C. of Niguel, CA

“Love your payroll! Easy to understand and use and when I need to call or email Technical Support I get a fast response. I have checked on line for a similar payroll program and cannot find one that offers such a vast amount of reports or that offers multi-state payroll reports. AMS is the best value for your money!”

L.M. of Tulsa, OK

“Love your software for after-the-fact payroll. I use your software as a reconciliation of payroll taxes to the accounting program. Love your e-file, it’s so easy!”

S.B. of Morrisville, NC

“Our 40th year in business, and 30 more before retiring. We’ve been a client of yours since 1987. Keep up the good service.”

B.G. of Sarasota, FL

“I love this payroll program; it has been a wonderful tool for my small business. Thank you.”

K.V. of Bismarck, SD

“Last year was my first year with 1099-etc. Prior to 2008, I used a competitor, which was far more expensive and produced considerably more paper. Your program is very easy. Thus far, I like it very much.”

H.P. of Carlinville, IL

“Please keep up the great work and program. This program works perfectly. I’ve used it for many years. Your tech support is excellent. Please don’t sell out to a larger company. I like you and your program just the way you are.”

J.D. of Bath, PA

“I have been using the program for many years and continue to enjoy the improvements being made. Thank you.”

T.P. of Lewisburg, TN

“I still think your program is the best and most user friendly. On top of that, your support staff all deserve gold stars!!”

M.R. of Lake Success, NY

“You guys did a great job with the new NJ 927. It sure did make life easier for me and about 25 payroll clients!”

G.F. of Forked River, NJ

“Rarely do you run across a program that does just what you want it to do for a reasonable price. 1099-Etc has been doing that for my practice for over 20 years. Thanks for the great product.”

R.S. of Indianapolis, IN

“I have never received such help and appreciation from any other company over the phone. Your support technician was very informative and now I have a greater understanding in using the program and can use it accordingly to help keep track of payroll and pay the correct taxes accordingly.”

E.G. of Brooklyn, NY

“I enjoy doing payroll and all the procedures required on payroll because of this program. I also appreciate your immediate response when I need help.”

M.H of Gautter, MS

“As always, great program and great technical support! A real person always answers the phone and can always solve any problem. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and excellent program!”

C.B. of Dallas, OR

“You are the best and your software is terrific! Your support is always helpful and can solve any problem we’ve ever encountered.”

N.H. of Alexandria, VA

“This is the most complete, compliant payroll program I have seen for the price. Even programs with triple the price don’t have the power, flexibility, and compliance of your program.”

O.C. of Brooklyn, NY

“This is the best payroll program out there and has great, friendly technical support!”

S.B. of Los Angeles, CA

“I love this software! I have been a CPA for 22 years and this is the very best payroll preparation program I have ever used!”

B.A. of Shelton, WA

“I love this software! It’s the only way I will prepare quarterlies, W-2s, and 1099s.”

S.D. of Culver City, CA

“Your technical support and response to my cries for help are top of the line. Thank you!”

J.R. of Midland, MI

“Excellent program. I have used this for several years and I am quite happy with the program and the technical support I have received.”

T. N. of Colfax, CA

“I’ve used your software for years. It’s very easy to follow and if I have any questions technical support has always been helpful. Thank you!”

C.T. of Warwick, RI

“The technical support from your company has always been superb!! This is a great program and your customer service is always the best.”

C.C. of Colorado Springs, CO

“Your program only gets better each year. Technical support has always been great although the program is so smooth it is rarely needed. Thank you!”

V.O. of Lubbock, TX

“I have been using your software since 1999 and I love it! Great customer service and my questions always get answered.”

B.B. of Scotch Plains, NJ

“Your payroll program is great to work with and I recommend it to everyone I know.”

L.W. of Palatka, FL

“This is my 10th year using your program and I’ve never had any problems. Congratulations on a great program!”

S.L. of Wichita, KS

“Got the job done for us in 2009. I like the automated filing and form distribution options. We printed nothing in house last year.”

T.D. of Redwood City, CA

“I used this program at the CPA firm I once worked at and thought it was a great program for a variety of forms you could print so easily. I knew I would buy it one day for my home-based small business. This is the year I needed to have more variety of 1099 forms available, and I knew you were the one with the easiest and best program I had ever used. Thanks for the great product.”

S.M. of Arlington, TN

“Wonderful software. It saves me plenty of time and money. I don’t have to go get forms and I can electronically transfer.”

R.H. of Ontario, CA

“Great software! Awesome tech support! I wish all software vendors were this good.”

B.B. of Baton Rouge, LA

“Over the last 3 years you guys have been awesome. Very helpful even though I was panicky because I waited until the last minute to do my filing!”

M.C. of Portland, OR

“I have used this software for over 10 years and I love it! Your customer service is the best I’ve ever used!”

A.B. of Palmdale, CA

“The switch-watch program of our company! Works right every time with no glitches or problems. AMS is our secret weapon for super payroll service to our customers and outshining our competition! Thanks for making us look so good.”

M.M. of Potsodi, MO

“We have certainly enjoyed using the 1099-etc program and are VERY satisfied customers. Thank you for providing an affordable product.”

J.L. of Roopville, GA

“I have used this program for many years and wouldn’t think of switching. I am very satisfied.”

R.R. of Troy, MI

“You guys are the best! Love your software and recommend it to all my colleagues.”

M.W. of Buffalo Grove, IL

“Been using since 2004. Really great program! Simple, easy, accurate, and excellent support.”

W.S. of Palestine, TX

“Thanks for more than 13 years of the best payroll software I’ve seen in my 35 years of practice. Keep up the great work!”

P.K. of Germantown, MD

“Great support when needed and always a pleasant person answering the phone that can be easily understood.”

G.K. of Park Ridge, NJ

“Absolutely love this program. I have used it for 10+ years. There is none better in my opinion!”

T.C. of Alva, OK

“Great program! I’ve been using it for over 10 years. Your customer support and knowledge base is without peer.”

G.C. of Valley Stream, NY

“I truly appreciate the helpfulness of everyone at your company. They are truly knowledgeable and helpful.”

C.F. of Madill, OK

“I always appreciate the knowledge and willing assistance of the support staff!”

B.B. of Sacramento, CA

“Thank you for keeping 1099-Etc simple and easy to use. It’s a joy to talk to someone in tech support who actually knows what they’re talking about. Keep up the great work!”

J.D. of Chapman Bath, PA

“We use 1099-Etc for many of our clients and it’s very simple to use! I love this program!”

C.S. of Laguna Hills, CA

“Great program! This is my 15th year using it.”

J.P. of Brooklyn, NY

“I have used this program for years and have been very satisfied with its performance and ease of use.”

D.Y. of Rock Hill, SC

“By far the best software of its kind.”

R.F. of Santa Monica, CA

“Great program!  I’ve been a loyal customer for over 6 years.  Enhancements each year are useful and timely.  I appreciate the continued improvements to the program while the price remains the same.”

D.D. of West Chester, PA

“Great program. I’m very pleased and I’ve used it for many years.”

B.L. of North Haledon, NJ

“This program ROCKS!”

B.L. of Fair Lawn, NJ

“Super software. Can’t get by without it!”

P.R. of Los Angeles, CA

“You have the nicest people working for you. They are so nice and helpful!”

K.L. of North Platte, NE

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