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Privacy Statement

Advanced Micro Solutions (AMS) may, through the course of business, come in contact with sensitive, confidential, and/or protected information. Generally this information is sent to AMS from our customers for use in troubleshooting an issue they are having in the 1099-Etc software.

Customer data sent electronically is saved to a specific backup folder located on the AMS network. The customer data is then restored to a technician’s computer for analysis. Once the issue is resolved the data is returned only to the customer (if desired). The data is always deleted from all email and the technician’s computer. The network folder is deleted nightly.

Printed customer data that has been emailed, faxed, or generated by a technician is shredded as soon as it is no longer needed.

AMS makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that unauthorized persons are not able to view any confidential information from their computer or computer screen.

Employees do not, either during or after their employment with AMS, misuse, divulge, loan or sell any customer information. However, employees may discuss customer data with other employees in order to resolve a problem with the data or the software.

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