AMS Support knowledge Base - Payroll

  1. When will form 940 be available?
  2. How do I remove a state?
  3. I have an employee that needs to report taxes for 3 or more Locals on one check. How do I set this up in AMS Payroll?
  4. How do I input weeks worked?
  5. How do you setup an employee to be exempt from withholding any Federal (FIT) and/or State (SIT)taxes?
  6. When entering exemptions in AMS Payroll, the program only goes up to 9. Is there a way to go higher?
  7. How do I change SUTA max wages?
  8. How do I hide tagged employees?
  9. Do you support electronic filing of state unemployment tax returns?
  10. How do I view the User Defined Fields templates?
  11. How do I hide released employees?
  12. Where do you change marital status and deductions/exemptions?
  13. How do I change the 941 mailing address, to the IRS, on the client letter?
  14. How do I sort check entries on the browse screen in ascending rather than descending order?
  15. How can I export information to Excel?
  16. How would you handle a garnishment?
  17. How do I copy a company?
  18. Can I sort the Input screen by Social Security Number instead of by employee name?
  19. Is there a report that will generate payroll liabilities for each quarter?
  20. State information is not exporting to the W-2s how can this be corrected?
  21. How do you get 943 tax deposits to show on the 943?
  22. How do you get a 941 Schedule B to print?
  23. How do I change a User Defined Field so that it is no longer exempt from a particular tax?
  24. How do I print a Report for Local Taxes in AMS Payroll?
  25. How do I enter the Preparer's information in AMS Payroll?
  26. How do I edit an employee's default check?
  27. How do I setup an addition to net pay?
  28. What is the fee for filing 941 forms electronically?
  29. How do I setup a field in AMS Payroll for Taxable Tips?
  30. Why is the 941 Schedule B form not displaying the tax liability amounts?
  31. How do you set up the User Defined Field for Non-employee compensation on the 1099-MISC forms?
  32. Can checks be recovered that were accidentally deleted?
  33. Can a negative check be entered to correct an error in a previous quarter?
  34. How do I get the interim Federal and State Payroll Tax Payment client letters to print with what to pay at the end of a quarter?
  35. How do you enter the information needed for Third Party Sick Pay?
  36. How can I get the Ohio quarterly report to print "The number of Weeks worked"?
  37. Do I have to manually enter check numbers for them to appear on check register?
  38. How do I setup a salaried employee?
  39. How can I print a report showing a list of the 941 deposits?
  40. How do we get the AMS Payroll program to round to whole dollars for the Federal Withholding?
  41. How do I setup a field for a "Pre Tax deduction"?
  42. How do I setup a field to garnish a dollar amount from an employee's wages?
  43. Can I electronically file the 941 forms from your program?
  44. How do I change the Quarter Ending Date on a state form?
  45. Where would I enter the Re-Employment Service Fund Rate for the State of New York?
  46. How do I set up the program to have State Income Tax Withholdings for two States on one check?
  47. How do I setup an employee that works in one state and lives in another?
  48. How are partial year exemptions setup?
  49. How do I delete a Default Check?
  50. How do I change the Banking information that prints on MICR checks?
  51. How do I show an IRA contribution in AMS Payroll?
  52. How do you enter the prior year-to-date FUTA and SUTA information?
  53. Can the program round the state withholding amounts to the nearest dollar?
  54. How do I correct, "This payer has been edited with a newer version of the software”?
  55. How do I mark a company as exempt from taxes?
  56. How do you delete a previously setup User Defined Field?
  57. How do I delete one employee from AMS Payroll?
  58. How do I enter multiple states in the AMS Payroll program?
  59. Does the software have the mailing addresses for the state forms?
  60. How do I calculate the SITW when doing Payroll?
  61. How do I set up employer paid FICA?
  62. What is involved in setting up a client for direct deposit?
  63. How do I add a second hourly rate for a client?
  64. Are there any restrictions using software in a payroll processing business?
  65. Can an employee be setup in payroll to receive both a 1099 and a W-2?
  66. Can the New Jersey WR-30 be filed electronically?
  67. Can a signature be printed on a check?
  68. Can we export payroll data from AMS Payroll into Quickbooks?
  69. If starting in the middle of the year, how can employee year to date information be entered?
  70. How can after the fact checks be entered?
  71. Can general ledger information be exported to QuickBooks?
  72. Does the software have built in payroll tax tables?
  73. How may companies and employees can be able to setup using this software?

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