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1099 Misc Form

Can an Employee Receive a W-2 AND a 1099?

Yes, an employee can receive a W-2 and a 1099, BUT it should be avoided whenever possible. That’s because this type of situation is a red flag and frequently results in some kind of response from the IRS seeking further information. It also takes pretty unusual circumstances for this
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Is there a way to print two recipients per page on a 1099-MISC, the instructions are pre-printed on the back?

No, you can only print 1 Recipient per page, however, instead of the Recipient Instructions printing at the bottom, you can print a 2-up Copy B and a duplicate Copy B for the one Recipient per page.
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How do you set up the User Defined Field for Non-employee compensation on the 1099-MISC forms?

At the AMS Payroll Menu, select Payer>Payer Edit>User Defined Fields. Double-click on the first blank line, click templates at the bottom of the screen and select "1099 Payments" from the dropdown. Click OK until you are back at the Payroll Menu.  When adding
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How Do I Print A Corrected Form

After correcting the 1099-Misc information you will need to place an “X” in the CORR box. The 1099-MISC Copy A form that goes to the IRS will need to be printed on a Pre-Printed Form. The Reipient Copy can be printed on blank paper if you have purchased the Laser Generatio
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How Do I Type A Zero In Box 9

Box 9 of the 1099-MISC form is a yes/no question, blank=No, X=Yes, zero is not a proper response and you will not be able to enter it.
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How Do I Pay For The Forms I Submitted

During the E-Filing Services process (after sending the forms to the third-party vendor), you will be prompted to select the Batches to Pay. You can pay then or elect to wait and pay at another time by accessing Payment Status from the E-Filing Services Menu. You pay by Credit card an
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Can I E File Corrected 1099S

Yes, you can E-File corrected 1099 forms for corrected Money Amounts ONLY through E-File Direct.
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Name Of The File That Contains 1099 Information

The file must have been created through the E-File Direct Option. The file name by default is EF1099.EFD and it is normally found in the 1099-Etc program directory.
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