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E File

940 E-Filing – California Payers

When E-Filing the 940 for a California Payer, an error will occur, “Form 940 – Either the element ‘VIFUTA Wages’ is missing or out of rder , or the element ‘CAFUTAWages’ is invalid’”. This is corrected by downloading Version E-3. or higher.
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How to Order 1099 Forms from IRS

Ordering 1099 forms isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you need to order 1099 forms from IRS, simply use the agency’s website. Employers should note that there are some quantity limits. If you’re running short on time, most employers should be able to buy 1099 forms without ord
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How Far Back Can We File W2C Forms

You can file W-2Cs for the current year and the three prior years.
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Do I Need To Submit 1099 Or W3 Of I E File

The 1099/W-2 data is summarized in the electronic file, you do not need to create/submit the 1096/W-3 form.
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What Is The E File Direct Option

The E-File Direct Option was formerly known as the Magnetic Filing Option. This option allows you to create a file (via the federal specifications) that the user submits to the IRS/SSA via the internet.
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What Is E Filing Services

E-Filing Services allows the user to electronically file their W-2, 1099, W-2C and 1042S forms via a third party vendor. AMS is working with a specialist third-party provider who has built a state-of-the-art solution with which 1099-Etc is integrated. There are different levels of E-F
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Do I Need To File A W3 If I E File

No, the information on the W3 is already included in the E-File.
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