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E File

How Far Back Can We File W2C Forms

You can file W-2Cs for the current year and the three prior years.
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Do I Need To Submit 1099 Or W3 Of I E File

The 1099/W-2 data is summarized in the electronic file, you do not need to create/submit the 1096/W-3 form.
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What Is The E File Direct Option

The E-File Direct Option was formerly known as the Magnetic Filing Option. This option allows you to create a file (via the federal specifications) that the user submits to the IRS/SSA via the internet.
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What Is E Filing Services

E-Filing Services allows the user to electronically file their W-2, 1099, W-2C and 1042S forms via a third party vendor. AMS is working with a specialist third-party provider who has built a state-of-the-art solution with which 1099-Etc is integrated. There are different levels of E-F
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Do I Need To File A W3 If I E File

No, the information on the W3 is already included in the E-File.
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