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AMS Supports BLS 3020 Filings

BLS 3020 is an important form for businesses operating out of multiple worksites. Also, known as the Multiple Worksite Report, the BLS 4030 is used to collect employment and wages by individual work locations within a state. If a company operates businesses in more than one location, this will supplement your Quarterly Contributions Report. The date is used by the Bureau of Labor Statistics to analyze business activities by geographic area in a particular state.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates it will take around 20 minutes to complete this form, but you’ll need important information on-hand to ensure a speedy filing. If you’re struggling to complete the form, it’s likely because you don’t have comprehensive wage and employee data. Tools available from Advanced Micro Solutions can help you track and record accurate wage and employee data, no matter how many worksites your company uses.


Required Information for BLS 3020 Filings

While the BLS 3020 looks unlike most forms with which you may be familiar, you’ll need similar information to complete it. To complete the filing, you’ll need to provide information about the business, employment for each month, and wages paid during the quarter that are subject to state Unemployment Insurance laws. Additionally, you’ll need to include information about any large changes that have been made, whether that means employment turnover or wage increases/decreases. You will also indicate whether a worksite ha been sold, closed, or is otherwise inactive.

Each state has its own form for BLS 3020 filings. Before setting out to complete the file, make sure you have the correct document for the state in which you conduct business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides all forms as PDFs.


How Does Software Support BLS 3020 Filings

The BLS 3020 is easily reported online, providing a convenient and paperless way to report your data. You can use your Multiple Worksite Report ID and Password to log onto your state website and complete the form. However, before you begin your BLS 3020 filing, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct quarterly wages available. This is where tools from Advanced Micro Solutions can help.


W-2/1099 Forms Filer Pricing

AMS W-2/1099 Software
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AMS Payroll ($134) is a versatile and comprehensive payroll software. The program automatically calculates state, local, and federal taxes, the produces accurate payroll information. After a few pay periods, you’ll have a comprehensive dataset that accurately reflects wages paid that are subject to payroll tax and state Unemployment Insurance laws. In short, AMS Payroll will calculate and record the information you need to file BLS 3020.

Once you have the information you need, you’ll need to actually file your Multiple Worksites Report. We have a tool for that, too. The Forms Filer Plus ($49) module allows users to enter data directly onto a digital facsimile of the document. When you’re done, simply export the document or file directly from the software.

We know that the BLS 3020 isn’t an easy form to complete, but tools from AMS can help. Call our Sales and Information team at 800-536-1099 for more information about how our tools can streamline your accounting process.

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