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Form 4419 Software Support: Application for Magnetic/Electronic Filing

If you’ve ever needed to file a federal form electronically, you’ve likely dealt with Form 4419. Also known as the Application for Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE), the 4419 form is submitted in paper to revise an individual’s Transmitter Control Code (TCC) information. The form can also be used to requires an addition TCC.

Like much of the American tax code, the IRS has made a couple of recent changes to Form 4419. As of October 2019, Form 4419 must be filed electronically when requesting an original TCC. To do this, employers and business owners will need to utilize the Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) portal. Previously, all copies of Form 4419 required paper submittal.

If a business owner is submitting Form 4419 to request an additional TCC of a different type in the 4419 block 8, they can do so in paper or online. In both cases, a software tool from Advanced Micro Solutions can assist the process.


Form 4419 vs. Form 4996

At times, business owners may mistake Form 4419 for Form 4996. The latter is the Electronic/Magnetic Media Filing Transmittal for Wage and Withholding Tax Returns. This form is filed with the IRS in accompaniment with electronic or magnetic transfers of tax returns on wages or withholding. For example, if a small business needs to submit several copies of Form 940 electronically, Form 4996 should accompany the transmission. The form is used to consolidate the information submitted.

These forms differ crucially. Form 4419 must be filed prior to any other electronic filing in order to secure the Transmitter Control Code. Once a business owner has that, Form 4996 is used for any other electronic filing.


The Advantages of Working with AMS

Form 4419 is extremely basic, which means utilizing a software tool might not be an obvious choice. While you may not need an accounting software to file Form 4419, you will eventually need it once you obtain your Transmitter Control Code. Don’t wait to get your accounting processes in order. If you’re getting ready to file Form 4419, it means you’re about to begin filing federal forms electronically. If this is the case, you’ll want to start this electronic accounting process off on the right foot. AMS has the products to do just that.


W-2/1099 Forms Filer Pricing

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Useful Products from AMS

Over the course of a lifetime, businesses will need to electronically file a wide variety of software tools with the IRS. Some may happen more frequently than others. This is especially true of forms related to payroll. Luckily, Advanced Micro Solutions software makes electronic filing fast and easy, regardless of which form you need. The following tools are among our most popular.

  • AMS Payroll – Each year, employers will need to file several federal forms with the IRS, including 941, 940, 943, 944, and 1040 SchH. AMS Payroll ($134) makes this process efficient and painless, from wage calculation to filing.
  • Forms Filer Plus – This software tool allows users to prepare payroll related forms for various states and the federal government. With an easy-to-use facsimile of the form, users can fill out and electronically file their required documents right from the software.

Advanced Micro Solutions also has a range of software tools perfect for growing businesses. Whether you need support for Form 4419 or payroll, we have the help you need.

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