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Help Your Employees with Form W-7 Support from AMS

Form W-7 is filled out by employees, but it provides employers with essential information. The Form, also known as the Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, helps individual taxpayers receive an identification number, known colloquially as an ITIN. This number is issued by the IRS to those who do not have or who are not eligible for a Social Security Number. This identification is required on nearly all federal tax forms.

While this form is filled out by an employee, employers have a crucial role to play. All payroll-related forms require some form of taxpayer identification, whether through this number or a SSN. If your employee does not have this identification number, you cannot fill out any tax or wage forms related to their payroll. As a result, it may be your responsibility to help your new hire get this type of identification. When this is the case, Advanced Micro Solutions can help.

Our Forms Filer Plus ($49) module supports Form W-7. This means users can fill it out using a digital facsimile, the file or print right from the software. However, you’ll also need to store the ITIN in a payroll system once your employee has completed the form. For a fully integrated accounting software, we suggest mixing the Forms Filer Plus with AMS Payroll ($134), our semi-automated payroll tool. This combination will provide all the support you and your employees need.


Using the W-7 Form for Essential Payroll

Form W-7 provides employers with an opportunity to collect important information about their employees. To complete, the filer will need to indicate the reason why they are submitting the form, as well as their personal information, mailing address, and additional information. While this information should be available on other federal forms


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When you hire an employee, it is important to gather their Social Security Number or ITIN. If they do not yet have an ITIN, you must point them to the W-7 form. You will not be able to file any federal tax documents related to their employment until an identification number is secured and provided.

Remember that the ITIN must be renewed occasionally. To find out if you or your employee needs to renew an identification number, follow the flow chart included in the Form W-7 instructions provided by the IRS.


Additional Form W-7 Help from AMS

Once your employee has filled out the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number form and received an ITIN, you must collect this essential information for your own payroll-related filings. The ITIN will be provided on a variety of onboarding tax forms, including the W-9. When you enter the employee in your payroll system, you will need to include this number. Both the Forms Filer Plus and AMS Payroll can support various payroll-related filings and processes. If you’re looking for form support, these are excellent options. Additionally, our tools support a wide range of state and federal forms, ensuring you always have the software support you need.

No matter your W-7 form needs – whether you’re checking on your own records or helping an employee – Advanced Micro Solutions has the software to help.

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