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How to Use Your Form 944 Payment Voucher

The Form 944 payment voucher is an easy document to complete, but users will need to understand their annual tax liability. The form is used to pay the amount due as calculated by Form 944, or the Employer’s Annual Federal Tax Return. The only businesses who can use this form are those whose annual tax liability for social security, Medicare, and withheld federal income is $1,000 or less. This means only the smallest of employers will need to worry about Form 944 and its payment voucher.

The Form 944 payment voucher is found toward the bottom of the IRS’s Form 944 document. To use, simply enter the amount of your payment, add your business’s name and address, and input your employer identification number. Make your check or money order payable to “United States Treasury,” place the money and the voucher into an envelope, and send it out. The system may seem antiquated for some businesses, but the Form 944 payment voucher ensures that those who can’t pay electronically can get their payments in on time.


Who Should File the Form 944 Payment Voucher

According to the IRS, the only employers who need to use the Form 944 payment voucher are those who choose to pay by cash or money order. If you may a payment via credit card, debit card, EFT payment, or file the return without a payment address, you will not need to complete the Form 944 payment voucher.

Keep in mind that Form 944 is designed for the smallest of employers. If your business does not meet the criteria for filing a 944, you will not need to utilize the Form 944 payment voucher.


Using AMS For Form 944 Assistance

While the Form 944 payment voucher is uncomplicated, some employers may struggle to complete their 944. The form looks intimidating, but if you have the required information on-hand, you should be able to complete it in just a few minutes. To file your 944, you need to have data regarding wages, tips, and other compensation. You’ll also need to include your taxable social security and Medicare income, a well as any adjustments, tax credits, or deposit schedule changes you might have recorded.

This form is quick for most businesses, but those who don’t have a robust accounting and payroll system may struggle to find the figures they need. If you’re in need of a systems upgrade, software tools from Advanced Micro Solutions can significantly improve your accounting.


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Form 944 and the adjoining voucher are available on both AMS Payroll and our Forms Filer Plus. Businesses looking for a comprehensive payroll program should consider AMS Payroll, a semi-automated system that can calculate state, local, and federal taxes. This information is then stored within the program and easily applied come filing season – such as when you need to fill out Form 944. Those looking for a less comprehensive solution may enjoy the Forms Filer Plus. This powerful filing tool allows users to fill out their forms within the software, then electronically file or print.

Any businesses using the Form 944 payment voucher will need to print straight from the software. Both our programs that host this federal form and its voucher have printing capabilities, making AMS products an even more convenient choice.

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