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The Latest 2014 Update Is B-3.1

Uploaded on 04/21/2014 - 1:26pm

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What's New

W-2/1099 Forms Filer


The software generated W-2G Recipient forms have been added.

AMS Payroll

Connecticut Client Letter

The Connecticut Client Letter now includes the URL for electronically filing the CT-941 form.

New Employees

When adding an employee, the Memo was defaulting to the previously selected employee's Memo.  This has been corrected.

Ohio Pre-Printed Wage Listing Form

The print positions for the Ohio pre-printed wage listing form have been updated.

PDF Viewer

If the first page of a document was landscape, the PDF viewer was displaying it as portrait on initial view.  This has been corrected.

Printer Mode

When clicking Cancel on the Select Printer Mode screen, it was possible for a View Print Save Quit dialog to be displayed with a blank PDF.  This has been corrected.

Report E - Employee Reports/Labels - Dept/Class Count

The Department and Class Count, on Report E - Employee Reports/Labels, were overprinting each other.  This has been corrected.

SIT Depositor Type

If the SIT Depositor Type was set to NONE, in some cases, a prompt for an SIT Deposit amount would still occur.  This has been corrected.

Tennessee - Wage Listing

Under the Payer Name information, data not related to the form was printing.  This has been corrected.   

Forms Filer Plus


The following form has been updated:


New Jersey - 927 & 927W Forms

The Max Wages on the New Jersey 927 & 927W forms have been updated from $30,900.00 to $31,500.00.  

E-File Services


A Title and Date will now print on the E-File Services invoice.

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